Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook. It’s the best social network for maintaining relationships with friends, fans and business associates.

Some recent changes have made things a little less desirable. I know that nobody has put a gun to our heads and required us to use this free service, but there are some things to consider if you’re trying to grow your presence on the platform.

Suggested and related posts trade on your trust. 

When I see something pop up in my Facebook newsfeed, I’ve come to expect that one of my friends put it there. That’s why the first time I saw a “suggested” post, I thought my account got hacked.

When a business I “liked” used my account to post one, I even got a message from a friend who thought the business posted on my behalf.

Initially, I thought it was some business’s dirty trick to get their name across to a few more people. It’s a space we’ve turned to, to learn more about our friends.

The new Facebook reality is that businesses can now take over your news feed without your permission. That doesn’t mean that users will take too kindly to this new development.

There’s nothing wrong with Facebook advertising. 

I’ve run campaigns myself. If you’re looking to gain a little Facebook traction, I’d recommend sticking with the “sponsored” posts on the right hand side. They’re less intrusive, and give people a chance to find them on our own.

Mark Zuckerberg has compared the newsfeed to a newspaper. The difference here would be that no paper expecting to sell copies would interrupt a story with an add in the middle of the graphical layout.

New changes

I’m not sure what to expect as Facebook unrolls yet another round of changes to the news feed. My guess is that the commercialization of personalized space won’t be going away any time soon.

Businesses looking to establish trust and convey their “human” side need to stay out of people’s news feeds, unless they are simply posting from their page. These news feed ads invoke the same feelings in users as pop ups or automatic DMs for Twitter.

You may increase conversions, but people will either love you or hate you.

Unless I’ve given you permission, stay out of my news feed!

Why not concentrate on what you can do with your business page? Why not focus on posting the things that will help distinguish you and your business from the competition? That’s the road to a better impression. Concentrate on creating interaction. If you’re doing social right, you’ll meet the people who will help you expand your network.

What are your thoughts on having the news feed commercialized? If your business has advertised this way, what have the results been like? Negative or positive feedback?


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