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A Press Release Writer Expands Your Audience

A good press release writer can help shine a light on your business, and your industry. They can penetrate markets that will help your business grow its bottom line over time.

Whether your business utilizes traditional press releases or online press releases that involve writing for the web, they offer a path to expand your business’s audience. They are a crucial part to any content marketing plan.

Alerting the Masses Through Press Release Writing

Is your business:

  • Ramping up for a new product or service launch?
  • Interested in promoting an upcoming community event?
  • Doing good community service work?
  • Involved with industry news?
  • Interested in telling good stories?

There are a lot of reasons for businesses to get the word out to the public and media. Sure, your own platform is a strong way to execute that, but sometimes utilizing other online resources and the local media can be a powerful way to expand your audience.

Press releases offer an unfiltered way to send your message out to the masses. They are an excellent communications tool for utilizing the reach of the news and blogging communities. They have numerous benefits in a marketing campaign, including:

  • Telling your story in a meaningful way
  • Search engine optimization through the power of inbound links
  • The potential for viral marketing opportunities
  • Strengthening your brand
  • Expanding customer knowledge

Hiring a Press Release Writer

A good press release writer can position your business for success with the local media, and online. They will be able to help your business achieve added visibility and growth.

Chances are there is a conversation already happening amongst your customers and industry. A good press release writer can make your business a part of that conversation in a meaningful way.

Looking for a press release writer to bring outside attention to your business? Let’s have a conversation about how press releases can help.

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