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Some frequently asked questions regarding my corporate writing services:

How much do you charge? 

I price my copywriting out on a per project basis. There are just too many variables to handle pricing any other way. I know that you have budgeting concerns in mind, so I’m not trying to dodge the question. My services are probably more affordable than you think. Let me know about your project, and I’ll quote you a price.

When can you have my copywriting project completed?

Most reasonable-sized projects can be completed within one to two weeks. When we discuss your project in detail, I will give you a date that I expect to have your project completed by. If you need the project in a matter of days, ask me at this time, and I will let you know what works with my schedule. If your project is larger or more detailed in scope, it may take longer to complete.

Do you write all of your client work? 

If you’ve contracted me to write a project, or I’ve told you that I would, you’re receiving my work. I do not outsource any of my writing.

What industries do you have experience writing for? 

Lots. I’ve written copy for insurance companies, restaurants, health clubs, realtors and architects. Don’t worry if I tell you that I’ve never written copy in your industry. I’m 100 percent confident that I can help you. My job as a freelance writer is to research and ask questions until I have a firm understanding. I then share that knowledge in a way that speaks to your audience.

Why should I hire a freelance writer for this project?

Because a freelance writer will earn you more than they cost. They will produce copy that entertains and informs, but most importantly, converts. A good freelance writer displays a sharp mastery of the English language by producing copy that is free of grammar and spelling errors. They produce copy with strong word choice, that carries readers from point A to point B. A freelance writer can offer input and insight into your project.

What mediums can you write for?

With my journalism background, I can tell your story, no matter the medium.  I’ve done more website content, blogs and press releases than anything else. But I’ve also written sales letters, brochure copy, packaging content, and social media posts. Let me know about your project, and I can find an effective way to communicate your message.

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