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I handle a wide variety of corporate writing services for businesses large and small:


Questions? eMail me at Matt@MatthewLBrennan(dot)com, fill out my contact formor give me a call at (815) 503-0286.

Corporate Writing Services To Improve Your Business

Your marketing content does more for your company than you may even be aware of. It informs and entertains. It’s what builds a bond of trust between you and your customer, in this digital age. It also works tirelessly to bring in new business (At least it should). You wouldn’t open your storefront with the interior in shambles. You shouldn’t do the online equivalent, with messy content.

I offer professional corporate writing services to help businesses and organizations attract more clients, and improve their bottom line. I work as a ghost blogger, website content specialist, or eBook writer and editor in order to make sure that you have the very best marketing materials to represent your company.

Creating the type of marketing materials that it takes to succeed in this competitive business environment, can take hours worth of work. I will gladly spend the time to make sure your business receives the attention it deserves. I’ll write stellar marketing content, so that you have more time to run your business.

I’m Chicago-area freelance writer who can help you with a wide variety of corporate writing services, including:

  • Ghost blogging
  • Website content writing
  • Product description writing
  • eBook writing
  • eBook editing
  • Copywriting consulting
  • Freelance editing services

People + Search Engines = Building Your Audience

The Right Copywriting Blend For Your Business

Succeeding in today’s marketing environment requires writing copy that both people and search engines can appreciate. There’s a big debate right now about which one you should do. Well, the two do not have to be mutually exclusive.

First, let’s get one thing straight. Unless you’re lucky enough to count Google, Yahoo or Bing as a client, it’s people who will buy what you sell, not the search engines. Your marketing materials need to tell a good story. That’s what pulls people in. They need to inform, entertain and provide value. How else are people supposed to make a purchasing decision?

Once you’ve created quality content, it should be easier to attract the search engines. Keyword-optimized content can help your business work its way up the standings. Filling out the meta data in a way that attracts the search engines can also help a great deal.

My background and experience is perfect for attracting people and winning favor in the search engines. With more than a decade of journalism experience, I know how to tell a good story. I even won various awards for feature writing during my journalism career. That’s a transferable skill that has helped several businesses.

I have also helped a good deal of businesses sell more with optimized marketing content. I understand web design and online marketing, and how to attract more customers through digital marketing. I have helped several businesses sell more, and can help your business too.