Writing A Killer Blog Post That Wins You Customers

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You’ve all seen it done. Sometimes you catch the notification of a new blog post in your Facebook feed or Twitter stream, and you just have to check it out. It’s magnetic. There’s something that draws you to it, and then as you read through, you realize that the author hit a home run. Maybe it causes you to subscribe. Maybe you comment. Maybe you even buy. Well…it’s not a secret. It’s something that anybody...

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Drop What You’re Doing And Follow These Influencers — NOW!

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Whether you’re brand new to marketing your business, or you’ve been at it for awhile, it’s important to stay current on the industry. It’s an industry constantly in flux. There are new faces out there every day, and you should be doing what you can to stay on top of the mix in order to better get the word out about your business. First off, you should be constantly striving to put your own spin on things. Make sure you...

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How To Keep Working When You May Not Feel Like It

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I’ll admit it. Sometimes I have the attention span of a gnat. If I’m distracted by what’s going on around me, it’s bad news. As a kid, I never understood it when an adult would walk into a room, and suddenly announce that they forgot why they entered. It seemed silly to me. How could you possibly forget what you’re doing? Fast forward 20-25 years or so, and I can certainly see why. I’m going to go ahead and...

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The Secret To Blogging For Business

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Maybe you ran a mile once. You didn’t come home any lighter than when you left. What did you deduce from the experience? It’s not the secret to losing weight like you’ve been told a countless amount of times. Maybe running isn’t the problem. Maybe the problem is you. That’s right, look in the mirror. Run a mile 4x a week. Eliminate the fast food and baked goods out of your diet. I’ll bet you’d see results at that point. Well, the same is true...

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The Art Of Getting Personal

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Why It’s Sometimes Necessary To Talk About Ourselves On Our Business Blog, And How To Do It Without Making Your Audience Want To Stab Their Eyes Out Face it. You’re boring. No one wants to listen to you drone on. The things that interest you about your business or your personal life are not going to be the same things that interest those who are forced to listen to you. Speaking of those who are forced to listen to...

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Using Your Blog To Provide Value

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Face it. Pretty much whatever your industry, the competition is probably stiff. It’s especially true online. Every time someone searches in your industry, thousands of search results pop up. Even if you’re on page one of Google, there’s still other choices. The phenomenon compounds on social networks. Your Facebook friends and Twitter followers probably know more people than just you in your industry. You need front of mind...

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