The Secret To Blogging For Business

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Maybe you ran a mile once. You didn’t come home any lighter than when you left. What did you deduce from the experience? It’s not the secret to losing weight like you’ve been told a countless amount of times. Maybe running isn’t the problem. Maybe the problem is you. That’s right, look in the mirror. Run a mile 4x a week. Eliminate the fast food and baked goods out of your diet. I’ll bet you’d see results at that point. Well, the same is true...

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16 Content Marketing Improvements We Can Learn From Journalists

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Want people to read your post? Write a better headline. To become a better writer, you have to read what you hope to emulate. You need to give readers a reason to care if you want them to act. That means telling them better stories, and giving them more valuable information. Spelling and grammar count. Mistake-riddled posts erode trust. Always be on the lookout for what will make a great post. Ideas strike where you least expect. Want more...

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The Art Of Getting Personal

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Your readers are a finicky bunch. Each of them wants to feel like you’re talking to them. They may have something different that they’re seeking out of your blog. As your platform grows, how do you keep that personal touch? Write Conversationally This is a big one. Just because said blog is for your business, does not mean you need to write like a stuffed shirt. Here’s a little secret for you: It’s possible to be...

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Five SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

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Regularly blogging awesome material does so much for your business. It provides a reason for your readers to return. It establishes new connections, and strengthens older ones. It brings you exposure in front of a new audience.  Achieving the right level of SEO for your blog is like walking a tightrope. Not enough or too much, and you’ll fall over on either side. Here are five SEO mistakes to avoid as you continue to write: Overreliance On...

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Nine Forms Of Content Marketing In Addition To Your Blog

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Keep Your Website Fresh To Attract and Retain New Readers If you have a retail location to your business, you would constantly reorganize your space to feature different products and keep your customers returning, right? It only makes sense that you do the same thing on your website. Your web presence needs to be interactive. The days of static HTML sites that don’t ever change are done. Your blog is the most obvious way to create new,...

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Promote Your Blog The Right Way

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Promote Your Blog The Right Way Blogging’s three step process: Write blog. Post on social sites. Watch traffic and sales pour in. What? It didn’t work? OK, you’re not alone. You wrote something. You posted on all the obligatory social networks. But there wasn’t an increase in traffic, and there were no sales. Why? This whole blogging and social thing works. But it may take a little more patience, persistence and strategy...

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