A Blog Writer to Grow Your Small Business

Hiring a professional blog writer is a great asset to any small business.

Gone are the days of traditional, one-way marketing platforms such as newspaper and phone book ads. Instead of screaming into a megaphone, your customers are looking for a type of communication that involves more interaction. As a blog writer, I help businesses communicate their message for their audience and the search engines.

It’s the information age, and readers have gotten used to easy access. A quick web search is possible through the touch of a button. A voice search can be conducted by asking their smartphone. That’s all it takes.

A blog writer keeps fresh information in front of those who expect it. It doesn’t have to be all about keywords, metadata and metrics. My blog writing services can help your business to grow online.

Telling a good story, providing value, and keeping your readers entertained matters more than ever before. With my journalism background, I value keeping readers engaged, as well as strategically growing your audience and your business.

Blogs can also be a great source of education and entertainment. They offer an opportunity for your business to connect with its customers in new and different ways. They are not a platform for commercials, but instead an opportunity to add value. They’re a great way to become an industry resource. Regularly blogging quality content can make you a thought leader in your industry. That should be any business’s goal in the digital age.

An engaging blog gives customers a reason to return to your website. It allows you to stand out as an expert in your field. An added bonus is that it allows you to develop content on a regular basis that will be indexed in search engines, allowing for higher rankings. The comment section also serves as a way to establish two-way communication.

What Hiring A Blog Writer Will Do For You

Writing a blog on a frequent enough basis to keep your customers returning takes a lot of work. Doing the right keyword research to expand your blog’s audience can take work as well.

It’s important to blog frequently, producing strong, quality content. If you want to utilize your blog to increase your customer base, it can mean blogging as frequently as three to five times a week in some cases. My SEO blogging services can help you to grow your customer base, and establish your business as an industry expert. To talk about the blog writing package that is right for your business, contact me today.

If you are looking to write your blog yourself, but needs some ideas and guidance, consider a blog consultant.

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