Blog Consultant

blog consultantWhy Do You Need a Blog Consultant?

A blog consultant can help you implement the right content marketing strategies to grow your customer base and increase your profile online. It’s that simple.

A blog consultant can help you implement one of the most vital marketing tools in the digital age, allowing you to attract new customers through your online presence.

There’s a misconception out there however, that the minute you set up a blog you’ll have thousands of readers and hundreds of comments. All of that is possible, but it can take time. It starts with writing quality, valuable content on a regular basis. And it takes work to promote that content in the places your audience is already visiting.

As a blog consultant, I can help you develop winning strategies.

Understanding The Necessity To Blog

Phone books, newspaper ads and other antiquated strategies for visibility have long been deemed irrelevant. When potential customers seek you out, they use Google. Your blog provides a common-sense way for your customers to find you.

The mindset of a potential customer online is different than the mindset of someone watching TV. No one is sitting down to voluntarily watch 8 hours worth of commercials in a day. They’re not going to stick around for a used car salesman pitch, or tolerate high pressure like you’re getting them to buy into a time share.

What they want is information:

  • How to use your product. 
  • How your product or service solves their problem.
  • Tips on shopping for your services. 
  • Your business’s origin story.

Once you publish content, each individual blog post is indexed by the search engines, and your website becomes a valuable research tool for readers and customers.

My name is Matt Brennan. As a blog consultant and marketing writer, I can help your business realize the benefits of digital marketing, and implement the right strategies. 

I can guide you toward writing content that will provide value to your readers and increase visibility for your business. It’s the new way of doing business online.

A blog consultant can help you:

  • Understand your target audience. 
  • Understand the online platforms that your target market utilizes.
  • Write compelling content that will keep your readers entertained and provide value.
  • Increase your online profile via better search and social visibility.
  • Become a thought leader within your industry.

Hire Me

Stop putting haphazard information out there on the web, without any real plan. As a blog consultant, I can help you organize your thoughts into a cohesive strategy, and grow your traffic and customer base.

Hiring a blog consultant will be a great move for your business and attracting new customers. For more information contact me today! I look forward to working with you.