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My name is Matthew Brennan, and I am a marketing writer who helps businesses connect with their customer base. There is a lot of competition in most industries these days, and it can become difficult to be heard over the noise.

The temptation is to shout louder. But when so many people are saying the same thing, maybe you need to refine the message. That is where I come in. I have more than a decade of journalism storytelling experience. I understand what grabs people’s attention, and I help bring that into the business community.

I help businesses use content to differentiate themselves from the competition and build better relationships with their audience. This is where my content marketing services come into play. Blogging, press releases, newsletters, social media and more can all be used to connect with your audience and build your customer base.

Businesses have been focused solely on generating web traffic for too long. There is more to the puzzle than just that.

For example, here are a couple things to consider…

  • Are you bringing in the right traffic? (Are they likely to buy stuff?)
  • What actions do you want these visitors to take?

A good marketing writer knows how to attract that traffic, while appealing to readers on a human level, and that’s exactly what I do.

I’m an SEO copywriter and blogger busy connecting businesses with their audience on a human level.

Your readers should know what you stand for if you want them to take the leap into becoming paying customers. It’s as simple as that. 

A Little More About Me…

Good stories can change people’s lives. As a marketing writer, I know how to utilize this.

I’ve helped several businesses enhance their online presence and increase their business. I’ve also been published in a variety of publications online, including:

If you are looking for my personal blog, it’s at

The Bottom Line

Content marketing can be the compelling force in a purchase. It can drive more people to your website, and become the vehicle by which you do business in the future.

If you’ve gotten this far on my about page, don’t be shy. Drop me a line through the form below.


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