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Providing Blogging Tips and Content Marketing Strategies That Work

Hire Matt As Your Marketing Writer

The Internet is a large and crowded place. How is it that someone who knows gobs of information about their industry (like you do) can’t stand out amongst all the people jumping up and down and screaming? You may simply need to hire a marketing writer to help you navigate a crowded field.

A lot of people subscribe to the same arcane principle online: He with the loudest megaphone wins.

When you play that game, nothing matters other than the amount of people who see your message.


What happens if your message sucks? What happens if it’s the type of thing that might get you ranked high initially, but every human with half a brain cell will hit the back button or close out of the browser? What happens if you just don’t know how to write copy for people?

People And Search Engines Caught On 

We used to throw keywords against the wall and see which ones stuck. That’s not writing for people.  Philosophies like that won’t get you anywhere in today’s day and age.

There’s a debate stirring in the marketing community about whether your content should be written for people or search engines. I’m here to tell you that the two don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Hi, my name’s Matt Brennan, and I’m a marketing writer who can help you connect with your audience and do well in the search engines. Both are possible. 

I help businesses and organizations navigate the world of content marketing, and differentiate themselves from their competition. I help them to think from their customers’ perspective. For too long, businesses have been focused on generating web traffic. A good marketing writer knows how to attract that traffic, while appealing to readers on a human level, and that’s exactly what I do.

I also provide blogging tips and copywriting tips designed to help the DIY content producers of the world succeed. I’m an SEO blogger busy connecting businesses with their audience on a human level.

Your readers should know what you stand for if you ever want them to take the leap into becoming paying customers. It’s as simple as that. 

A Little More About Me…

I have a decade’s worth of professional writing and storytelling experience, and there’s one thing I can tell you with absolute certainty—people are addicted to stories.

Good ones make them feel different inside. As a marketing writer, I know how to utilize this.

I’ve helped several businesses enhance their online presence and increase their business. I’ve also been published in a variety of places online, including:

The Bottom Line

Content marketing can be the compelling force in a purchase. It can drive more people to your website, and become the vehicle by which you do business in the future.

If you’ve gotten this far on my about page, don’t be shy. Contact me about how I can help you, or find out more about my web content services and blog services.

If you’re still wanting to tackle your content on your own, that’s OK. I hope to be a resource for you. Either way, don’t be a stranger. Stop by and say hi.