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Content Marketing Services to Help You Grow Your Business

Hi, my name is Matt Brennan, and I’m a marketing writer who can help you connect with your audience and do well in the search engines. Both are possible. 

I help businesses and organizations navigate the world of content marketing, and differentiate themselves from their competition. I help them to think from their customers’ perspective. Businesses have been focused solely on generating web traffic for too long. There is more to the puzzle than just that.

What actions do you want that traffic to take?

A good marketing writer knows how to attract that traffic, while appealing to readers on a human level, and that’s exactly what I do.

I’m an SEO copywriter and blogger busy connecting businesses with their audience on a human level.

Your readers should know what you stand for if you want them to take the leap into becoming paying customers. It’s as simple as that. 

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A Little More About Me…

I have a decade’s worth of professional writing and storytelling experience, and there’s one thing I can tell you with absolute certainty—people are addicted to stories.

Good ones can change their lives. As a marketing writer, I know how to utilize this.

I’ve helped several businesses enhance their online presence and increase their business. I’ve also been published in a variety of places online, including:

The Bottom Line

Content marketing can be the compelling force in a purchase. It can drive more people to your website, and become the vehicle by which you do business in the future.

If you’ve gotten this far on my about page, don’t be shy. Contact me about how I can help you, or find out more about my web content services and blog services. Stop by and say hi.