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Creating Content That Builds Your Business

The problem with most business websites is they’re too spammy and sales focused. The company drew you in with a nice ranking on Google, or through their social media presence, and then BAM! You’ve been hit over the head with the proverbial sales sledge hammer. While they have you in their grips they just want to sell, sell, sell. ¬†As readers and consumers, we no longer have the patience for commercials or advertisements.

We have questions and want answers. We want to be entertained, and we want value. When those characteristics are absent we tend to get cranky and exercise our quick trigger finger, either going back to the search results to see what your competitors have to offer, or closing out the tab to enjoy the nice weather outside.

How A Marketing Writer Helps

That’s where I come in. My name’s Matt Brennan, and I connect businesses with their customer base through better content. I’ve worked in the journalism industry for more than a decade, telling stories that readers can grab on to.

I work to help you relay your value, entertain your readers, and consider your call to action.

Think I can help? Peruse my ghost blogging, website content, or other services. Give me a call at (815) 503-0286, or shoot me an email at Matt@MatthewLBrennan(dot)com. Want to know more about how content establishes trust and wins you business? Sign up for my blog updates through the form on the right side of the page.